Devorah Silberstein, LCSW

Devorah Silberstein, LCSW, has over 20 years of clinical experience and is a graduate of Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Silberstein specializes in work with pre-school, school aged children, and teenagers and works in partnership with families and/or other primary support systems. Ms. Silberstein has extensive experience in the areas of trauma, betrayal, sexual assault and abuse with both children and adult survivors of abuse. Ms. Silberstein's professional experience includes work in various clinical settings, schools, preschools, special education and early intervention programs, as well as university counseling centers. Understanding the limitless ways human beings can communicate, Ms. Silberstein utilizes play therapy, writing, art and drama as well as traditional talk therapy. Her work is centered on a belief in the power of resilience, as well as humor, and in celebrating the magic that is the uniqueness of every individual.