Yoga Centered Therapy

Yoga Centered Psychotherapy is an invitation to experience the profound healing power of yoga. Yoga will be explored as a set of practices based on mindfulness and on listening to inner wisdom. Yoga as therapy responds to the unique needs of the individual and involves the fundamental experience of connectedness – body to heart to mind – emotions to energy to breath.  Research has shown that when traditional yoga postures are mindfully practiced the results can provide release from held tensions, traumas, beliefs and self-perceptions. With a strong commitment to the compelling research linking mind, body, and spirit, therapists at CCC utilize techniques including centered meditation, breathing practices, visualization, mindfulness practices and assisted/supported yoga postures as they invite clients to safely explore the connection of their physical, emotional and spirit-filled selves. This connection is gently held and explored with focused breathing and therapeutic dialogue, which in turn fosters personal discovery, release, growth, and healing.  Clients will learn how to take the techniques with them outside of the yoga room, using them to enhance daily life experiences and their relationships with self, with other, and with the world. Yoga centered psychotherapy has been proven to increase the benefits of other therapeutic modalities, and is beneficial for a wide variety of therapeutic concerns including, anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, loss, grief, life questions and transitions, and relationship obstacles.

The need for care and connection is greater than ever during these unprecedented times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  While we cannot meet people in person, we are currently offering secure video or phone sessions that many insurance companies have agreed to cover due to the unique circumstances.   

If we can be of help, please call our intake line to set up a new appointment.  847-676-4447 ext 2