Testimonial Archive

“The Center provided me with the knowledge and understanding to see how therapy could help me effectively change my behaviors and work towards my goals.”

“I had heard of mindfulness before, but didn't understand how it can be used as a healthy coping skill until my therapist and I began practicing this technique in our sessions together.  Now it's a part of my daily routine”

“Our therapist was consistently collaborating and working with us to give us more change and meaning within our relationship, and overall for our family”

“The Center provided a space and a refuge for our family to better understand our ways of interacting with one another, and then provided us with the support and the skills to effectively work towards changing some of those patterns”

“The education regarding trauma that I was given at the Center has provided me with a new level of comfort and healing that I did not that I would ever reach”

“The therapists at the Center all follow the same model for change, which gave my family and I consistency in our treatment goals”

“The body integrative approaches taught at the Center provided me with amazing resources and tools to help with my symptoms of depression and anxiety”

“My therapist provided me with a new understanding regarding my anger management, and worked with me to create a workable reality that I felt comfortable with”

“My therapist consistently provided me with skills based homework and worksheets to complete at home.  It felt like not only was I working on my goals weekly in our sessions, but I was reminded of them at home with everyone in my daily life”

“My group leaders understanding of DBT skills and concepts, gave me the appropriate space to learn and begin using DBT skills in my every day life”

“Insurance is such a headache and I love that they were willing to submit claims for me. Life is stressful enough and I don’t need to worry about submitting my claims.”

“Being able to see someone in-network and just pay a copay really helped make weekly therapy doable for me.”

“During the intake call they asked me questions about me and who I think I would work best with. I loved that they didn’t just put me with anyone and they instead thought about who would be the best fit for me.”

The need for care and connection is greater than ever during these unprecedented times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  While we cannot meet people in person, we are currently offering secure video or phone sessions that many insurance companies have agreed to cover due to the unique circumstances.   

If we can be of help, please call our intake line to set up a new appointment.  847-676-4447 ext 2