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Young Adult Program

Emerging adulthood—roughly ages 18-25—presents challenges that can be both exciting and daunting for most of us. These include separation from family, school and job pressures, managing relationships, alcohol and drugs, and becoming increasingly self-sufficient.

Our Young Adult Team is aware that the tasks of emerging adulthood are even more confusing for people already struggling with ADD, depression or anxiety—to name just a few. It can be exceptionally helpful to have a therapist who is committed to helping you succeed in your own personal “to do” list—whether that involves finishing a semester of school or taking time off to work on some specific issues.

We offer individual therapy, family consultation, ADD mentoring, DBT coaching and DBT groups, in addition to all of the other modalities available at The Center. All of our therapists are LGBT-informed, and some specialize in working with LGBTQ clients. In addition, we can help you clarify and prioritize your concerns—whatever they are—and refer you to other specialists as needed.

Individual therapy – Individual therapy follows our collaborative stage model and is individualized to you. CCC therapists have experience working with body image issues, eating disorders, self injury, and alcohol and drug use and abuse.

Family consultation – Rather than embarking on full-scale family therapy, our clinicians can provide consultation to clients and family members around mental health symptoms, tasks of emerging adulthood, and relationship building.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy – Including individual coaching, behavioral analysis, DBT-informed therapy, and DBT groups. Our Wednesday morning core skills group in the West Loop has a commitment to the emerging adult population, and draws referrals from all of the neighboring schools—including UIC, Columbia College, Loyola, U of C and DePaul.

Yoga Therapy and Yoga Groups – Yoga Centered Psychotherapy is an invitation to experience the profound healing power of yoga. Yoga will be explored as a set of practices based on mindfulness and on listening to inner wisdom. Yoga as therapy responds to the unique needs of the individual and involves the fundamental experience of connectedness — body to heart to mind — emotions to energy to breath.

EMDR – EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. It has also been found to effectively reduce or eliminate other disorders that originate following a distressing experience. Other disorders that may benefit from EMDR include anxiety, depression, phobias, compulsions, pain, and body image disturbance.

ADHD Mentoring – ADHD mentoring helps the client learn about ADHD both in terms of its strengths and deficits. When individuals have an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, they are able to develop concrete, sustainable strategies to maximize their unique abilities. ADHD is more then a diagnosis, its a way of living. Mentoring helps remove the stigma of having ADHD, and helps clients better assess their needs in terms of accommodations, self advocacy and behavioral strategies.

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