Couples Counseling for Silent Violence

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Silent Pain & Invisible Wounds

Listening for and hearing the silent voice of violence.

Violent images are commonplace in our culture from inundation in film and television to desensitization from world reporting. From high-profile couples in conflict to everyday acts of street violence, the messages of discourse are loud and clear.

But there is also a silent voice to violence that lurks in the undertow of crumbling marriages. They are hidden from view without bruises or blood, yet these unspoken acts of violence, threats and emotional abuse have devastating impact on relationships.

We are offering this workshop to help clinicians learn how to hear between the words, and to identify the sounds of violence, left unspoken during session. You will learn how to read the feedback that indicates violence, how to initiate conversation to bring it into session without triggering the termination of care, and how to work with the violence in a systematic framework that also protects the abused.

We will also present how to understand and manage your own feelings and beliefs about violence and how to take action when the violence must be made public.