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Internal Security Blankets

How to help children feel safe in an unsafe world

Our children hear countless messages of war and terrorism. They see images of street violence, hear stories of other children's traumas, or experience trauma themselves. Real or imagined, experienced or forewarned, children can become frightened and insecure.

As educators and clinicians, we must help our children feel safe in a dangerous world. We must provide our children with the tools and know-how to protect themselves and make good decisions. As therapists and teachers, we must also teach children how to find their inner stability and personal courage to stay strong and act in their own best interests.

In this workshop, you will learn how to become a safe-haven adult that children can turn to. You will get concrete tools for teaching children how to feel safe from the inside out, how to teach them self-trust, trust of others and give them the techniques they need to navigate perilous or potentially perilous situations.