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A Child Reclaimed, Innocence Restored

Treatment for incest and child sexual abuse – halting abuse, healing wounds and restoring shattered families.

Few issues ignite as much divisiveness among psychotherapists as the treatment of incest and/or child sexual abuse. While the therapeutic community agrees on halting the abuse and restoring the child's shattered security, many professionals disagree on the most effective methodology. Should the child be immediately removed from the family or can the family be preserved? How do you integrate the perpetrator into therapy and what factors make families vulnerable to abuse? In the face of this controversy it is not surprising that therapists can feel under-trained and overwhelmed.

This workshop will focus on the treatment of incest or families where there has been sexual abuse from a Multiple System Perspective: Societal, Cultural, Gender-Linked, Family of Origin, Family of Procreation, Couple, Sibling, and individual dynamics.

Through exploration of the The Collaborative Stage Treatment Model, lecture, discussion, and video case examples, the workshop will enable participants to:

  • Accurately access the situation based on the vulnerability model
  • Learn and execute a Structural Session
  • Apply the model to special situations or populations
  • Discuss and understand denial and the clinical interventions to respond to denial