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The Legacy of Trauma & Treatment

Treating adult survivors and their families affected by abuse and violence.

Adult survivors of trauma and abuse struggle with issues regarding their families and grapple with questions such as, "How can I reconcile that the ones I've trusted have treated me with such brutality? How can I accept moving forward and going on, when the past was so destructive? Where do I find a heart that forgives when it has been shattered in a million pieces? And why NOT strike back in vengeance or revenge when their actions have caused me such pain?"

As adult survivors turn to their therapists, they want answers, comfort, and tools to understand, to intervene, and to find healing with their partners, children and family of origin.

Many experienced therapists feel under-trained and ill prepared to proceed with the family portion of the treatment addressing issues such as secrecy, confrontation, conversations, grandchildren, children and boundaries. As tension mounts in current relationships, this workshop will focus on family treatment, the unmasking and understanding of traumatic complexities and how to heal the legacy of pain.