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Intimate Offenses, Immediate Families

Structuring family group sessions to treat the triggers of violence & incest at home.

Violence sends shockwaves through families, couples, and children, manifesting in a lexicon of symptoms and responses, family dynamics and individual behaviors. This workshop will give you the foundation of structuring the specifics of group therapy, which can be translated to address numerous issues and varied groups.

Through exercises and interventions, and the identification of family triggers, you will learn the structure, content, flow, and timing of groups with a focus on alleviating emotional and behavioral problems, particularly as they relate to interpersonal interactions.

The workshop will explore the integration of Cognitive Behavior Techniques and Process Oriented/Experiential interventions. The methods you learn incorporate factors such as social/political, cultural and gender issues that acing clients involved in abuse.

For clinicians with limited group experience or for those needing a greater in-depth knowledge, this template will offer valuable tools for proficiently facilitating group sessions.