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Internet Safety

Tangled in the Net - Our Children's Safety on the Internet

This 1.5 hour workshop provides parents, teachers and concerned citizens a framework to understand the risks on the Internet and to learn about what dangers exist on the virtual highway. We will provide tools to develop a personalized Internet Safety plan for your children, your loved ones, or your students and offer an overview of the issues with a series of "tips" to help you develop, implement and update your personal Internet Safety Plan.

Net-Safe Parents Guide - Making the Internet Safer for our Children

The Internet is a fabulous place with the richest resources available in one place, yet it is also a dangerous and complex environment. This workshop/class is a collaborative educational environment where parents can, either alone or with their children, learn about Internet Safety.

Working in a group setting, with individual attention to each family, this interactive workshop will provide families with the tools, guidelines, rules and tips to develop a family Internet Safety Plan. During the course of the program or in a follow-up meeting, our goal is to provide each family with a comprehensive, workable and personalized plan to keep their children safe on the Net. This process will simultaneously teach parents how to enact the Internet Safety Plan and verify that the plan accomplishes safety without hampering their technological needs.

Net-Safety Advanced - A Hands on Approach to Children's Safety on the Internet

This 3+ hour workshop is the same as the 1.5 hour workshop, but includes demonstrations of how the various programs work, don't work, and how to enact your personal Internet Safety Plan.