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Training & Workshops for Educators

Gateways of Hope – Extraordinary teachers who change lives

Become that one teacher a child remembers for altering the course of their life. Be the guiding force that equips them with tools of hope and personal achievement so they can reflect with pride as they reach their potential.

Research supports that some of the most successful and resilient people credit remarkable teachers for positively impacting their success. Often times it was educators who helped children from troubled homes to adjust to their difficulties and thrive.

This workshop will focus on moving you from a good teacher to a great one. We will offer solid techniques for tapping into a student's strengths and resiliencies, and how to empower them with confidence and courage. These tools do not involve counseling, and are strength-based communication skills that unlock and shepherd children toward positive change.

When Traumatized Children Come to Class – How to recognize and help children with traumatic personal lives

This workshop helps educators learn how to recognize behaviors that are likely caused by traumatic events in the home or elsewhere. Sometimes teachers automatically think of behavior problems as acting-out behaviors. This three hour workshop will enable educators to identify the behavioral, developmental and educational effects of trauma on children and how they appear in the classroom. Attention will be given to developing interventions which facilitate learning.

Participants are encouraged to forward cases from their classroom prior to attendance. Participants can include teachers, teachers' aides, principals, school social workers, and school nurses.