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Consultation Groups for Professionals

Consultation Group for Therapists who work with Offending Populations

Consultation groups are forming in all of our locations to help others working in the offender populations in a cross-disciplinary fashion. All too often the offender treatment providers get sub-divided into their tightly defined specialties and lose the richness that cross-disciplinary collaboration provides. These groups are strong collaborative efforts.

Consultation Group for Therapists who work with Sex Offenders

Sex offenders are the pariahs of our times, branded with a scarlet letter that can be seen worldwide at all hours of the day. On top of this, they are subjected to harsh, highly restrictive laws and conditions, made by well-meaning legislators, but that are not consistent with risk levels or any treatment related issues. As a result, those of us in the field or coming into the field feel similarly oppressed, misunderstood, alone, and marginalized.

This group can help us collaborate on systemic issues, gather more information to improve services, seek case consultation, and develop an effective support network and self-care plan to manage the impact of our work.