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Compassion Fatigue

Replenishing the caregiver to care for others: An energy management survival kit

The horrors of abuse, a chorus of human suffering, the amazement of the enduring human spirit. This is the daily reality for compassionate clinicians dedicated to healing and hope. But hour after hour and day after day, after hearing about trauma, violence, and abuse, empathic therapists can feel the same symptoms, becoming haunted by memories, losing sleep, abusing substances and suffering exhaustion and depression. Therapists can begin to feel used-up and burned-out, suddenly finding that their own life is suffering.

While the symptoms are unrelated to a clinician's own traumatic experience, it is the recurrence of experiencing others that brings on Compassion Fatigue. But you don't have to pay such a steep toll for healing and sacrifice your own health and well being.

This workshop will renew you with valuable tools to identify the warning signs, prevent symptom on-sets, and create solutions and behaviors on a personal and professional level that will replenish your spirit and keep you on track as a healthy and vital human being. You will learn breathing and imaging, how to take a personal inventory, and how to incorporate your personal health values into everyday rituals.

The goals of this workshop are to revive, refresh and renew your health while replenishing your spirit and comforting your soul.