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Collaborative Stage Model (CSM)

A Blueprint for Healing: understanding and using this unique and effective three-tiered, strength-based behavioral transformation model.

This workshop will present a practical three stage contextual model that will provide clear principles for gathering information, structuring your treatment, and introducing interventions at the most appropriate moments. In Stage One, you'll learn how to create the context for treatment through assessing strengths and vulnerabilities, creating safety and the importance of acknowledgement. In Stage Two, the action mode, the focus is on which techniques and interventions to use for particular symptomatic patterns of behaviors and feelings. Then in Stage Three, you'll learn the most effective ways to help clients consolidate their gains and prevent relapse.

You'll come away with a realistic and practical method to organize your treatment that will enable you to handle a wide range of therapeutic situations that is applicable to your own theoretical model for change.

Co-creator of CSM, Mary Jo Barrett, M.S.W., is director of the Center for Contextual Change in Skokie, Illinois, teaches at the University of Chicago and is the author of Systemic Treatment of Incest and Treating Incest: A Multiple Systems Perspective.