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Counseling Services for Trauma and Violence

Trauma and Violence Offender Program

Destructive and dangerous behaviors pose threats to our children, families and communities. Yet, psychological rehabilitation, behavioral modification and restoration of safety are critical to the healing process for perpetrators and those impacted by violence.

At the CCC, no problem is too severe to treat. We are internationally known for our restorative capabilities and facilitation of positive, permanent change.

Offender Assessment

The management and treatment of individuals who have committed acts of sexual abuse begins with a comprehensive psychosexual assessment. A comprehensive psychosexual assessment is a specialized assessment designed to define the severity of the sexually abusive behavior(s) and assess the individual's vulnerabilities and resilience that lead to the sexually abusive behavior.

The psychosexual assessment will also give an opinion as to the individual's ability to benefit from treatment and determine the type and setting of treatment that will best restore safety to both the individual and the community.

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Treatment of Problematic Behaviors

In order to restore safety to both the individual and community, treatment of aberrant, dangerous or destructive behavior is essential. The Center for Contextual Change offers individual, group and family therapy to individuals who have engaged in some form of abusive and/or destructive behavior.

Our Collaborative Contextual Model of treatment, which has been studied and recognized internationally, facilitates change by creating a context which addresses the individual's unique issues. Collaboration means that every client receives treatment from a team of highly trained psychotherapists who interact to form containment teams with professionals in other disciplines within the community.