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Counseling Services for Trauma and Violence

Traumatic Stress as a Result of Violence:
Sexual Abuse, Incest, Rape Counseling, Domestic Violence

The Center for Contextual Change is a national leader in the treatment of trauma, violence and sexual abuse. Whether you are a childhood survivor of these traumas or these acts are currently happening in your life, our programs are designed to help you.

Domestic Violence/Partner Abuse Groups:

The Partner Abuse Intervention group helps men who have offended take accountability for their actions in a compassionate way. They will develop new skills to become their 'best self' and experience relationships in a non-abusive, non-violent and non-controlling way.

Anger Management Groups:

The Anger management group allows participants to identify their triggers, understand their actions and reactions and develop a healthy plan to respond to triggers and anger in a healthy- non-violent and non- abusive way.


Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence