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Trauma and Post-Trauma Counseling

When trauma occurs in our lives, it interrupts our normal growth and functioning. Our sense of who we are is disrupted. We no longer experience ourselves as grounded. We might begin to suffer from debilitating physical symptoms, in addition to emotional turmoil. The path to healing might seem like a mountain that we do not have enough strength to climb.
Using our three-stage treatment approach, the Collaborative Stage Model, our therapists guide the individual and family down the path of healing and recovery. We help clients learn more about themselves and the people in their lives, as well as the patterns of behavior that can be hurtful, in order to help them grow and change. We work with our clients to have renewed faith in their world and confidence in themselves.
If you are experiencing personal loss, or the effects of a current or past traumatic event (including but not limited to sexual abuse, domestic violence, natural disaster, community violence), we can help you address the initial shock and crisis, assist you in processing the situation, and support you in getting your life back in balance. Using our effectively proven Collaborative Stage Model, we will guide you through the stages of trauma recovery.

Trauma and Post-Trauma Counseling