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Individual Therapy at Center for Contextual Change

High Achievement Counseling

When you call CCC and speak to a therapist at the Transformative Alliance program, reflect on the following therapy goals and discuss with your therapist the path you see yourself walking.

On Track, Un-Stuck and Moving Forward:
Personal Potential and High Achievement Therapies

At the Transformative Alliance, we know that a fulfilling life includes the freedom and strength to explore your potential, the ability to use and enjoy your talents, and the know-how to overcome personal behaviors that stand in the way of your own success. Let us help you find your strengths, face your fears, and empower the necessary actions to create the life you deserve.

Empowerment Therapy for attaining personal bests

Conquer self-defeating beliefs and insecurities, face fears and unlock personal limitations to empower your self-esteem. This therapy concentrates on finding your strengths, addressing your weaknesses, uncovering your essence and overcoming inhibiting behaviors to attain your personal best.

High Achievement Therapy

Are you on the right track but marooned on a plateau, frustrated by the inability to expand through your own ceiling of success? Do you sense you should do things differently but are unsure of what to alter? We can assist you in pinpointing your behaviors and the emotional challenges that surround them so you can clear the path to achieve your highest levels of satisfaction in your professional and personal life.

From Chaos to Confidence: Taking charge of your life

Does your life feel like it's spinning out of control? Do you find yourself frantic, trying to catch-up in a never ending cycle of too much to do? Are you mired in minutia and non-stop tasks that steal your time and leave you unsatisfied? We can help you take charge of your life and gain the time and composure to enjoy it.

Living on All Cylinders: Living richly and feel joy

Do you feel trapped in areas of your personal growth, or empty, even though it seems you have everything? Has the frustration of not changing caused you to accept personal limitations instead of expanding them to embrace possibilities? Do you sense there is more out there for you but don't know how access or explore it? We can help you discover a new personal path, access your joy, create richly dynamic relationships and make daily decisions that positively guide life.

Procrastination Solutions:
We put the "can do" in the "must do."

Imagine the feeling of being on top of your responsibilities, handling issues as they come up and living a life unburdened by undone obligations. This therapy will put the Pro-Active into Procrastination and get you into the "can do" cycle so you have more time to enjoy your life.

Replenishment Therapy

Replenishing emotional, physical, mental and spiritual depletion in 21st Century life...

We are inundated with violence, catastrophe and demands. The pace of life is accelerating with moving parts that multiply. As sensitive, intelligent, empathic human beings, it is no wonder we become exhausted and depleted.

How in the 21st century do we find the structure, discipline and raw physical energy to live an enriching and joyous life? What practical steps can we take to stay physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually nourished for ourselves, our families and our work?

This therapy will supply the nuts and bolts on how to harness and enhance personal energy, how to invigorate daily schedules, expand horizons, and how to replenish our minds and spirits. Using an energy wellness plan, designed by Mary Jo Barrett, Director of the Center for Contextual Change, you will learn concrete techniques to improve and invigorate your life at home, at work, and from within.