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New Eco-Friendly Yoga Room in the Skokie Office!

Research has shown that when traditional yoga postures are mindfully practiced the results can provide release from held tensions, traumas, beliefs and self perceptions. Differing from traditional yoga, there will be a dialogue between clinician and client that will process the emotional response of the mind and body. Yoga Centered Therapy is done on site, in our state of the art eco-friendly yoga room.

With a strong commitment to the compelling research, therapists at CCC utilize techniques including centering meditation, breathing practices, and assisted/supported yoga postures as they invite clients to safely explore the connection of their physical and emotional selves. This connection is gently held and explored with focused breathing and non-directive dialogue, fostering personal discovery, release, growth and healing.

Yoga Centered Therapy is beneficial for a wide variety of therapeutic situations including depression, anxiety, life questions and transitions, relationship obstacles, trauma, chronic pain and loss and grief. Clients will learn how to take the techniques with them; using them to enhance daily life experiences. Yoga Centered Therapy has been proven to increase the benefits of other therapeutic modalities.

For more information, questions, or to schedule an appointment for Yoga Centered Therapy, please call Dee Crowley, LCSW at 847-676-4447 Ext. 314