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Group Treatment for Juveniles Who Have Sexually Offended

Juvenile sex offenses happen far too often. In recent years, the legal consequences for these offenses have become more serious. Pending federal legislation proposes lifetime registration for juveniles convicted as adults for sex offenses. Yet public understanding of the tragedy of juvenile sexual abuse is incomplete and grossly inaccurate. Group treatment has proven especially effective with youth who have offended. In group, young people learn to recognize distorted thinking and behavior patterns that often support abusive behavior. Group members model new ways of action and hold each other accountable. In this way, sexually problematic youth are empowered to reclaim their lives.

The Center for Contextual Change specializes in treating juvenile sexual abuse. The Center's nationally recognized model is based on multi-systemic treatment with an emphasis on relapse prevention. The Center also provides comprehensive juvenile sex offender evaluations and develops treatment goals to balance the needs of the many parties involved. We work closely with the legal system and understand the complexities and special needs of adolescents, parents, families and the professionals involved in adolescent cases.

For information about treating adolescents who sexually offend, please call Peg Duros, LCSW at The Center for Contextual Change at (847) 676-4447, Ext. 221.