Becoming Safely Embodied, Surviving Traumatic Events

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Becoming Safely Embodied

The experiencing of trauma shakes the foundation of a person's beliefs about safety and shatters their assumption of trust. Survivors of traumatic events often feel that there is no safe place - there never has been. There is definitely no safe place within their own self. Trauma survivors may experience their own body as a source of pain and ill health as well as a constant reminder of a troubling past.

There are no quick and easy solutions to changing this belief system. With practice, motivation and intention one can reside comfortably inside their own skin, the mind can be calmer and a refuge inside the body can be a reality.

Becoming Safely Embodied, a 12 week skills training group, takes the essential ingredients of trauma recovery and breaks them down into small, achievable steps. Simple, concrete steps that can change the way you live your life will be introduced and practiced in a safe space. You will have the opportunity to connect with others, finding that you are not alone as you wrestle with your life. Additionally the group process will assist you in weaving a bigger world in which to live, embrace and celebrate your life.

Skills that will be introduced and practiced:

  • Belonging
  • Meditation
  • Separating Past from Present
  • Identifying Thoughts, Feelings and Body Sensations
  • Welcoming Soothing Parts
  • Carving Out A New Path

For more information, questions, or to inquire about joining a Becoming Safely Embodied group please call Dee Crowley, LCSW & Registered Yoga Teacher at 847-676-4447 ext. 314.