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Child & Family Program

Child and Family Program

Sound Assessments

We will help you assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of each individual member of your family and provide recommendations for the most effective course for change.

Parent Education

Whether in group, couple or individual sessions we will provide you with many opportunities to learn about your parenting style and design structures that will work in your home.

Parenting Coaching

We will ask the right questions to help you discover the best ideas for supporting your child's growth and development.


We have numerous groups for children, parents, and adults. Please consult the Treatment Groups section and Calendar for the latest offerings.

Individual Therapy

Because we know that children often need their own person to play with, process with, and confide in, we provide creative individual therapy with children while regularly including the parents. It is important to keep the parents involved with their child's change.

Family Therapy

We encourage families to meet together, even if one of the children is the identified client. Every member is impacted by each and every member. It is our experience that for the most effective change to take place, the entire family needs to be part of the journey and the plan for change. Change happens faster and last longer when we have the support and knowledge of one another.